Velatur was once a great nation, a bastion of civilization in a sea of darkness. Founded a thousand years ago by the invading Cymric Empire from across the sea, an empire that was united under the name Pendragon. That name has been carried down the royal line for ten centuries, and through it runs the blood of kings and conquerors.

All that ended with the death of the last true Pendragon, Uther, twenty-three years ago. An orcish arrow carried him off heirless to walk the Road of Stars, and his cousin Illius succeeded him. The kingdom fell to the hands of this milksop nobleman, and its fate was sealed.

Now all the old territories have fallen to orcs and marauding berserkers from the North, all the Legions ground to dust, all the great men long dead. The capital has endured five years of siege, led by the great orcish warlord Gorgol the Butcher. Darkness is closing in around Velatur, a darkness that threatens to throttle the life from the last realm of man on earth.

You live in this dying empire.

Hell or Plunder